The Ambiguously Black Duo’s Podcast

Episode 30: Cursing Mothers, Muslims, Target Card Laws, Japanese Caitlyn Jenner, Vaccine Incentives, Fake Cum Recipes

May 19, 2021

The duo discuss religion and Muslims without knowing anything about them.  David shares his theories on different types of Muslims, Darryl hopes the theories don't get him killed on accident.  Darryl shares fake cum recipes live.  Target is going to allow fully vaccinated people in, but won't let anyone buy trading cards after violence.  Japanese Caitlyn Jenner is on the loose using Face Apps for fame.  David shares his theories on Asian bodies and Darryl tries to stop the hate.  The duo discuss their mothers and the hate speech they experienced growing up and still experience as adults.  David reveals his battle with the whites partying next door to him in a Buffalo Hotel.   

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