The Ambiguously Black Duo’s Podcast

Episode 27: Daunte Wright Shooting, Johnson & Johnson Vaccine, George Floyd Jury, DMX Conspiracy Theories, David’s Vaccine Booking Live On Air

April 15, 2021

The Duo discuss the shooting of Daunte Wright. David points out all the procedural mistakes made by the officers, Darryl points out how easy it is to kill black people and that he hasn't seen the video.  Darryl reveals that he doesn't watch any trauma porn videos, only videos of people being killed by tires, and that he has never seen Schindler's List.  David reveals that he watches all the videos, Darryl reveals that he fucks with napping lions.  The duo discuss the George Floyd jury being blocked from the news and Daunte Wright story.  Darryl thinks he is better than David because he reads books.  The duo discuss DMX conspiracy theories and Johnson & Johnson conspiracy theories.  Lonely White Lives Matter rallies bomb, the founder of BLM gets heat for buying property worth 3.2 million.  David gets his vaccine email live on air!

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