The Ambiguously Black Duo’s Podcast

Episode 24: Colorado Shooting, Justice League, Atlanta Shooting, Anti-Asianess, Robocop, Miami Spring Breakers

March 24, 2021

The duo discuss the weather starting to break and young adults sharing fluids in Miami creating a new Covid.  Mass shootings are back!! The duo talk about the mental health of the Colorado and Atlanta shooters, why they are dicks, and how easy it is to get a gun.  David watches Robocop for the first time and shares his experience with the first 30 minutes of the movie.  Darryl thinks Justice League is too long of a movie, David threatens to kill Darryl for talking bad about anything regarding the Snyder cut.  The duo agree Joss Whedon cut out Ray Fisher's black ass as much as he could.  David wants Joss Whedon to make his own cut of other movies with black characters in them to see how racist they can get.  

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